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Who am I

I am Eric van der Heijden and I am financial advisor at Van der Heijden Belastingadvies | Expat Tax.

How can I help you

I help starting entrepreneurs who come from abroad and wish to settle in the Netherlands. When a company starts come much into play and for these entrepreneurs certainly. By example think of the language and all the rules in the Netherlands. I answer any tax questions and en help them with contacts with the Dutch tax authorities and the organization of the financial accounting.

What added value do I have for you

I am a sparring partner for entrepreneurs and take extensive time to explain the Dutch legislation and everything that comes with it. Typical of the way I work is my clarity. I mention the things as they are and in a way that is understandable to everyone. As indicated by the name of my company, I do more than tax advice. I help entrepreneurs to get quick and efficient insight into their financial administration. Hereby I work with online robotic accounting where you don’t need to book and you can see how things are going even on your phone directly. Special to my company is, that I am also accessible outside normal office hours. Foreign entrepreneurs are accustomed to also work outside the Dutch office hours. So I'm in this flexible and including evenings and weekends attainable. Van der Heijden for tax advice and administrations for foreign entrepeneurs who wish to establish their business in the Netherlands. Van der Heijden Belastingadvies en Administraties