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Tax advice

Throughout the year an entrepreneur is faced with various tax matters. Because tax laws and rules change at a rapid pace, it is difficult for an entrepreneur to stay up to date. Often, one can use more tax options and save more tax than an entrepreneur realize.

Tax questions and explanations Dutch regulations

As a starting (foreign) entrepreneur you have to deal with the special Dutch tax legislation. I like to take the time to explain these regulations to you. The choices you make as an entrepreneur can have major tax consequences. It is therefore important that you as an entrepreneur knows what effects certain choices, both for the short and long term.

Contacts with the Dutch tax authorities

For entrepreneurs from abroad it is often difficult to maintain contact with the Dutch tax authorities. One the one hand because they are unfamiliar themselves with the various regulations. On the other hand because the Dutch language is sometimes difficult for them. The Dutch tax administration communicates with taxable enterpreneurs only in the Dutch language. I will help you with all contacts with the Dutch tax authorities, both by telephone and in writing (letters and filling out forms).

Tax returns

I also make sure that the relevant tax returns (such as turnover tax, income tax, corporation tax) are prepared in a professional manner. So you can be sure that the obligation to file a tax return in a timely manner are met appropriately. Beside that I make sure that the tax options are used so that you do not pay unnecessarily too much tax.

I am a member of Register Belastingadviseurs (RB) and can boast a solid professional knowledge and extensive experience in tax matters for SME entrepreneurs and expats. In practice, I have much to do with issues of cross-border work.