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Manner of working

Typical for my manner of working are: efficiency, clearness, flexibility en co-operation.


By working with the online accounting platform Yuki I make sure that you as an entrepreneur saves a lot of time with the financial accounting. Beside that you will also get real-time insight into the financial situation of your company. In addition, this also provides for efficiency in my own workflow. This way I can focus on my core services, namely advising and sparring with you as an entrepreneur.


I work with a subscription with a pre-arranged monthly amount, so it is clear to you as an entrepreneur what you can expect at what cost. For the cost of tax and financial advisory services that can not be put under a subscription, first agreements will be made with you. Transparency is the key word.


Freelancers and foreign entrepreneurs attach less importance to the 9-to-5 structure and need to evenings or weekends to being helped. I am always available for advice and this flexibility allows me greatly appreciated.


I fulfill the role of proactive sparring partner, who knows all the ins and outs of the entrepreneur. So naturally creates a long-term relationship based on mutual trust.


Wondering what I can do for you? Please contact us for an informal conversation. An orientation meeting will undoubtedly be enlightening, but especially convincing.