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Financial accounting

An entrepeneur is busy with business. A good financial accounting is crucial to the success of your business. Not only to comply with legal obligations, but above all to get insight in the financial situation of your company.

Organization of the financial accounting

I will help you as a (starting) entrepreneur on the efficient organization of the financial accounting. Hereby I use Twinfield and Basecone, an online accounting platform with self-learning software. Hereby you only need to upload the documents and through automatic recognition they end up in the correct cost categories. You don't need anymore to book by yourself. All you need is a PC, smartphone, scanner, email, Dropbox or Google Drive. If you have a business bank account at one of the big banks than bank transactions can be retrieved through a link by Twinfeldi. It’s my task, beside the correct organization of the financial accounting in Twinfield, to monitor that the documents end up full and in the correct cost category in the financial accounting. This saves you as an entrepreneur a lot of time.

Realtime insight in the financial data

Via PC or smartphone you will get as an entrepreneur insight in the current financial data of your company. In graphs, diagrams, charts and reports which you can see in at once. So you will keep also yourselves abreast.

In addition, you don’t have to wait unnecessarily long until the annual accounts of your company have been drawn up after a year. When the financial accounting of your company in Twinfieldi is up to date, then normally you have access to the annual results of your company within one month after the end of a financial year.


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